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Our story began at Jett Halal, two years after our stay in Berlin and away from Arab Street. We found that in order to get meat, poultry and halal products, we must ride and go a long way, lose a long time and endure the hassle of carrying the products from the stores to the home. As we spent more time in Berlin, we found that the number of Muslims and those looking for halal products (Arabic, Turkish, African, Pakistani and Asian) is constantly increasing. This made us certain that facilitating the delivery of halal products is something that we must take upon ourselves and strive to satisfy customers who demand halal products.

ماذا يميزنا؟

Free shipping from 10 €

Shipping cost in Berlin is 3 euros. Shipping is done the next day

100% refund of products price

In the event that the customer is not satisfied, We refund 100% of the value of the products for the customer

Customer service throughout the week

Always ready to communicate and serve customers throughout the week through communication channels