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In October 2020, the two friends Ali and Ossama had an idea that would change the life of many Halal consumers. The idea is an online shop that exclusively offers Halal certified products. Halal consumers usually get their Halal products from local shops only as most online delivery services ignore the needs of Halal consumers. So Ali and Ossama took this challenge into their own hands, with the mission to supply halal products to halal consumers at low prices but high quality, first throughout Germany and later throughout Europe.

Their dream is big, even they have started small: In the first year, the first orders in Berlin were delivered personally by the founders by foot and public transport. Today they have their own delivery vehicle which delivers the orders within 24 hours in Berlin and the surrounding area. So that means the goods not only leaves the warehouse fresh, but it also guarantees freshness to the customers door with the help of cooling systems that we use.

Halal has no nationality and is intended for every Halal consumer

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