Shipping and returns

Shipping and Return Policy:

Please note that official business days are on Jet Halal From Monday to Saturday. Sundays, public holidays and public holidays are off for all employees Jet Halal .

Our first mission is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, Therefore, we have facilitated the shipping and delivery process for you because your comfort is our priority

get up Jet Halal By delivering your orders through the company’s fleet, other delivery companies or individuals may be used at peak times to confirm your service and deliver your orders at a convenient time for you.

Delivery approach Jet Halal It is delivery on the same day or another day according to your geographical area with giving you the option to choose the right time for you to deliver at any time during the day, week or even during the month depending on the time of your choice.

You can subscribe to have your selected products delivered periodically (daily, weekly or monthly)

The item must be requested at least one day before the time to be obtained so that the delivery team can provide the item with consideration given to the ordering time (not to be late) and working hours Jet Halal .

Your signature on the invoice copy will be required to confirm that you have received the products as shown on the invoice. The application will be delivered to the address registered in the order, and the signature of any person present at this address is considered as your receipt of the order.

In the event that we reach the registered address and no one is present at this address, our representative will contact you to set another time for delivery, and the company will not be responsible for any request that exceeds the two days from the first delivery date of the order. Note that in the event that you are not present at the agreed upon time for delivery twice, Additional delivery charges will apply after this

The delivery fee is 4.99 euros in Berlin, and the order is free if the order value is more than 10 euros.

Free shipping

– Availability Jet Halal Free delivery service for orders over 10 euros.

Delivery schedule

We offer a daily delivery service except for Sundays and public holidays in Berlin
Use the order table when paying and confirming the order.

Important information about delivery

The applicant is required to sign the document of receipt of the purchase

Jet Halal We guarantee the safety of your order from theft and damage the moment it leaves the store and until the moment of delivery. It is considered a company Jet Halal Not responsible for the product after signing the receipt document.

The approximate delivery time guide is used from the moment the order is dispatched. And not considered Jet Halal Responsible for any delay due to road conditions.

Enjoy shopping with the return policy features below:

24 hours

You have 24 hours from the time you receive any item to submit a return request or complain about its quality

Free service

You can easily return any commodity that you have purchased. We’ll cover the delivery cost

Full refund of your money

If the item is damaged or does not match the site description, You will be refunded for the item

Quality assurance

If the product is not damaged or expired, You will be refunded for the item.

What are the conditions for returning products?

Return process requirements:

Proof of purchase (order number, Bill)

The method of refunding the product that works for you, And any additional information ensuing from that.

Please contact customer service within 24 hours if you receive a damaged / incomplete product during the delivery process.

We will check the item to be returned. If it appears that there are no damages caused by misuse, The value of the product will be refunded in the appropriate manner for you. A response will be made within a maximum of two days from the competent team receiving the returned product.

If it is found during the inspection that the product to be returned is devoid of the reason mentioned in your order, The value will not be refunded and the product will be returned to you.

When can products be returned to JetHalal?

You can return the products to your store name within 24 hours from the time you receive the order,

How to send the product to a halal jet?

  • Contact us on e-mail or whatsapp.
  • Submit the product photo and what is the problem with the product.
  • A copy of the purchase invoice

How can I track the status of my return?

We will keep you informed via email and SMS about product recall status. If there is any question please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or send an email to us.